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Create Faster Service 
with a Faster POS System

Faster Service With POS Systems

Thanks to six-column modifiers, our software offers unmatched versatility, even in fast-paced environments demanding efficiency. Don't forget that our software can ring five separate orders in just five seconds!
  • Integration with Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) offers quick food order fulfillment with viewing of the order.
  • Video Display Units (VDUs) allow orders to be sent to a display instead of a printer, saving paper, toner, and maintenance.
  • Sort and color-code orders to make food preparation easier for kitchen workers. Customizable screens allow menus to be placed on the entire screen, saving button depressions and making order entry faster.
  • Custom reporting options for cashiers and management. 
  • Multiple cash drawers (up to 8) per terminal.
  • Simplify employee timekeeping and scheduling.

Quickly Take Customer Orders

Contact us today and ask about our FREE training and FREE hardware replacement offers. 

Our trained technicians are available 7 days a week to assist you when you need us. 

Find the right solution for your quick service staff and customers.

Cutting-Edge System

Make fast food even faster with the help of a cutting-edge point of sale system from Future POS Software and the experts at Meridian Star Point of Sale. 

Our fully customizable point of sale systems will provide your fast food and quick serve restaurants with the power they need to serve their customers even faster.

Make your business stand out from the competition today with the leading technology at Meridian Star Point of Sale. 

Call us today at 754-200-6250 for a FREE demonstration and to receive FREE installation and wiring of your new system.

Our Services Include:

  • FREE local support
  • FREE after-hours support
  • FREE 36-month warranty
  • FREE next day replacement
  • FREE on-going training
  • FREE menu configuration
  • FREE menu updates
  • FREE credit card integration
  • FREE installation
  • FREE shipping

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