Future POS in Sin City for the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Convention

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  • 24 Aug, 2016
Meridian Star Future POS is attended the 14th annual Nightclub and Bar Convention and Tradeshow this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center. As one of the top 5 point-of-sale software packages for the hospitality industry, our professional Sales Team would love to show off the latest features of our “award winning” software so stop by booth #544 during exhibition hours the next two days.

The Nightclub & Bar Show is the industry’s most important bar, beverage, nightclub, and hospitality event of the year said Brandon Weitz, President Meridian Star Future POS. With more than 39,000+ industry professionals, this is one of the largest premiere trade show events of the year.

With an additional 10 sessions added this year, the conference program boasts a total of 92 information-packed seminars and workshops from over 100 industry experts. This is the ONLY bar and nightlife industry show in North America.

According to show representatives, “There are over 50 new speakers with more food-centric sessions, training tips for managers, platform-specific social media seminars, as well as design strategies and more.”

Produced by Nightclub & Bar Media Group, the Nightclub and Bar Convention and Tradeshow is an opportunity to connect with suppliers, see new products and learn valuable tips from industry experts.

Contact Brandon Weitz at Meridian Star POS to learn more about the Las Vegas Nightclub & Bar Show brandon@meridianstarms.com
Visit  meridianstarpos.com

Meridian Star Point of Sale Blog

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Directors of stage productions have the responsibility of choreographing an audience’s experience from before the curtain rises to the final ovation. "Restaurant owners must do likewise, expertly funneling their customers through a rock-solid experience that leaves them giving great reviews, relishing their memories, and, best of all, coming back" says Brandon Weitz, President Meridian Star Future POS.

How important is an amazing customer experience to a restaurant? In today’s world of instant social media and extreme competition, it’s everything. Besides, it costs up to 16 times less financially to consistently wow loyal customers than it does to try to get new customers to stick with you and your establishment. Those are serious dollars to keep in mind.

To help you hone your directorial skills, it’s time to take a fresh approach to your role as the head of your restaurant.

‘Little’ Things? They’re Never Little to Customers

Mapping out a typical customer’s path to and through a dining experience (and then tweaking problem areas) is simple. Just consider the top five spaces most people complain about:
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Brandon Weitz, President of Meridian Star POS asks how many of you have you ever thought about opening up your own restaurant? It's the dream of many but the reality of a select few.  This is because most people aren't too thrilled with the answer to the question: what do you need to open a restaurant? The rewards can be great, but the effort it takes to get to that point in your career cannot be overstated.

Aside from patience, determination, and a business-oriented mindset, there are some concrete necessities that anyone will need if they want to open a successful restaurant.

Here are nine of them.
By 7051788556 12 Jun, 2017
The National Restaurant Association's annual culinary forecast predicts food and menu trends for the year ahead,said Brandon Weitz, President Meridian Star Future POS. The NRA surveyed professional chefs - members of the American Culinary Federation - on hot food and drink trends on restaurant menus in 2017.

Contact Brandon Weitz at Meridian Star Future POS to learn more about What's Hot in Top Food and Menu Trends. brandon@MStarPOS.com Visit: meridianstarpos.com
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 “While you are researching Point of Sale Software and POS systems, it's the right time to be thinking the POS Specialist about who will install, support, train and deal with the many unseen details that point of sale systems involve” suggests Brandon Weitz, President Meridian Star Future POS .

There are many POS resellers (VARs/Value Added Resellers) around. But, it behooves you to do the same due diligence you would before hiring a doctor or lawyer. That is to say, do your homework! The investment you make in your point of sale system may well run into the tens of thousands of dollars - not just in money, but in time setting it up and getting it going. It would be nice to be sure to know that the POS VAR you have chosen has the appropriate experience and expertise to make your installation successful.

Some questions to ask prospective resellers:

• How long have they been installing point of sale systems?
• How many systems have they installed?
• Can they provide references? (Make sure you call a few.)
• Are they certified? (Generally either by the vendor of the software they are selling, or by an independent organization like the RSPA (Retail Solution Providers Associations)?
• How much training is included? (10 hours? 20 hours? Do you have to prepay for blocks of time?)
• How many support hours are included and how much does a support contract cost and what does it cover? Is it 24/7, 9am to 5pm?   Is it on-site, or do they dial in to your computer, or is it just phone support?
• Take your time and research the product and the VAR thoroughly.   Buying a software product is kind of like getting married - it is a long term commitment. You will likely be spending more time with your POS system than your spouse. It's best to make sure you are really compatible.

In short, choosing a software vendor is an extremely important process. The software you select will be in your business for many years. Taking some time to evaluate POS software vendors is time well spent.

Contact Brandon Weitz at Meridian Star Future POS to learn more about choosing a POS software vendor.  brandon@MStarPOS.com Visit:meridianstarpos.com

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There are many helpful reports that can be run within your Meridian Star Future POS system software, explains Brandon Weitz, President of Meridian Star Future POS. One such important reporting tool is the Beverage Ratio Report . Beverages are one of the most profitable items on the menu. In fact, the industry states that four out of five people who visit a restaurant purchase a chargeable beverage. Unfortunately, many restaurant servers find giving away FREE beverages is a way of pocketing more tip money for themselves.
By 7051788556 16 May, 2017
The 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show was held "March 27-29 this year featuring the world’s largest gathering of bar, nightlife and beverage professionals" said Brandon Weitz, President Meridian Star Future POS. "Meridian Star Future POS had a great showing in Las Vegas and exhibited on the show floor, and showcased their award winning software".

Attendees stopped by for a demo of Meridian Star Future POS’s “Version 6 “ featuring a Web Based Back Office, Data Analytics Tool, Advanced Theme Engine and System Wide Search Function.

Also presented was the new Tableside Ordering and Pay-at-the-Table solution that has the competition scrambling:

-Built-in barcode scanner for UPC scanning
-Built-in GPS for delivery and directions
-Driver’s license verification
-Built-in EMV
-Apple Pay
-Samsung Pay
-3G capable, to allow you to accept payments anywhere (data plan required)

The Nightclub and Bar Show has expanded their expo floor this year to host hundreds of suppliers showcasing products and services from the top brands in the industry. All attendees can visit the Craft Brew Pavilion, Emerging Brands Pavilion, New Product Pavilion, F&B Innovation Center and watch the Shake It Up Competition.

Contact Brandon Weitz at Meridian Star POS to learn more about the 2017 Nightclub & Bar Show brandon@meridianstarms.com
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Meridian Star Future POS has the solution to keep you on the move. Sends orders, EMV Pay at Table, 3G Accept Payments anywhere, GPS built in for Delivery and much much more.

Contact Brandon Weitz, President Meridian Star Future POS to learn more about POS Tablets for Restaurants.  brandon@meridianstarms.com www.meridianstarpos.com
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Meridian Star Future POS has partnered with Berg,  the best Liquor Control System in the business, said Brandon Weitz, President Meridian Star Future POS.  Why?  Berg is the Industry leader in Liquor Control Systems!

• Berg developed the original liquor control systems and technology over 40 years ago and has continued to advance this technology, supplying the market with the most respected liquor controls and equipment available today.

• Berg offers a complete line of liquor controls for liquor, beer, wineand other beverages, for a widerange of applications.

• Berg has specialty liquor controls that meet Canadianrequirements and jurisdictions requiring the most stringent NSF/ANSI Standard 18 certified installations.

• Most Berg liquor controls are certified to NSF/ANSI sanitation and CE standards.

"Liquor controls are critical, not only for restaurants but for every business in the hospitality industry!"

Contact Brandon Weitz at Meridian Star POS to learn more about Berg Liquor controls. brandon@meridianstarms.com www.meridianstarpos.com

By 7051788556 24 Mar, 2017
There are a lot of different aspects to consider before purchasing a new POS system for your restaurant says Brandon Weitz, President Meridian Star Future POS. Being that the entire staff and management team will rely on your POS system to run the daily operations and to track key metrics, it is an important investment and business owners should take the time to find the system that is going to be the right fit for their specific wants, operations, and budget. When it comes to POS systems for your restaurant, buyers should beware.

Many POS vendors are not concerned with whether the system will actually be the best match for their customers and they tend to go to great lengths to persuade buyers to invest. Therefore, even restaurant owners who take their time doing research can find themselves in an undesirable partnership with their POS system. Here are four common mistakes and oversights that owners typically make.

1) They do not consider the future costs of owning a POS system

When you purchase a POS system, it is important to calculate the future costs that will be associated with maintaining and supporting the system. Ask yourself:

·         "Will I have to purchase an expensive support package?"

Our Support TEAM of 20 in house techs with ALWAYS a LIVE ANSWER is included FREE of charge with our POS Program  Included is our 36 month next day replacement policy on all equipment

·        "Will I pay an hourly rate to get the support I need when an issue arises?"

There is NEVER a CHARGE for our 24x7 Support. Included is our 36 month next day replacement policy on all equipment

·        "Am I going to have to pay for system updates each year to keep my system running properly?

There is NEVER a CHARGE for System Updates'  Included is our 36 month next day replacement policy on all equipment

·        "How much will I have to spend on IT technician visits?"

There is NEVER a CHARGE for tech visits. Included is our 36 month next day replacement policy on all equipment

 These are all questions you should ask before choosing a new restaurant POS system.

2) They are not up to date or aware of upcoming changes in the industry

In 2015, the U.S. began the process of converting to EMV payment standards . In order to adhere to EMV compliance, restaurants will need to invest in new hardware and software that is capable of accepting pin-and-chip card payments. Restaurant owners who are unaware of that change could find themselves paying for another system all over again in order to follow the updates and requirements. In order to avoid getting you and your business in this type of aggravating circumstance, make sure you do your research before buying a new POS system and ask how they plan to transition into the new regulations.
Our system is PCI compliant plus we also have EMV integration

3) They do not research the vendor of the POS system

When you purchase your POS system, you are engaging in a partnership and an agreement with the vendor. In a lot cases, the vendor will help you build your menu digitally, install your system for you, train your staff on that system if need be, and provide support when you have an issue with your system. Make sure you choose a vendor who has a great reputation . Choose a company who cares about your experience, who has a reputation of high-quality installs, timely responses, and five-star customer support.

Our BBB rating is A+ with over 1350 accounts

4) They do not ask about the fine print in financing

Payment plans offered can be an enticing option, particularly for new restaurants and restaurants who initially, have very slim profit margins. There is nothing wrong with financing options, but owners should proceed with caution about what they agree to when they enter into a payment plan. In many cases, payment plans can act as a way of luring restaurant owners into a long-term contract. If you enter into a finance plan and find out very quickly that the system is not a good fit, you may not be able to get out of your payment plan contract without paying off the remaining balance. Some payment plans will even hold you responsible for paying off the leftover balance regardless if your restaurant goes out of business.

Choosing the right POS system for your business can prove to be a tasking experience. Asking yourself and the vendor the right questions can help you find the perfect solution for your particular restaurant's needs. Be smart and know your options. A POS system can make or break a business. Give yourself, your staff, and your business the peace of mind knowing you are supported by your POS system.

 Contact Brandon Weitz, brandon@meridianstarms.com at Meridian Star POS to learn more about our very simple program, please visit meridianstarpos.com for pricing.


By 7051788556 01 Mar, 2017
RestaurantOwner.com released the 2017 POS Survey Report. The report summarizes input gathered from 1,190 independent restaurant owners from around the world regarding over 100 different brands of POS systems, focusing on several critical aspects including cost, installation and support experience, and features. “The results of this survey provide unique insight into the POS system market and emerging trends, all of which are valuable to independent restaurant owners” says Brandon Weitz, President Meridian Star Future POS.

Survey Results:
The average cost for a restaurant POS system has notably decreased since 2012. In 2012, the average expenditure for a POS system was just over $18,000, as opposed to $13,344, currently. The top POS solutions were Aloha POS, MICROS, Digital Dining, Future POS, and POSitouch. These POS systems accounted for 47.5% of the market. Beyond these, all other POS brands each accounted for less than 3% of the market share.
Less than 10% of independent restaurant owners indicated they use pay-at-the-table devices. Moreover, only 31% of restaurants reported using EMV compliant POS systems. This is particularly noteworthy considering the fraud liability shift that took place in October 2015, mandating that merchants upgrade to EMV chip technology or accept increased liability for fraudulent transactions.
Improvements in plug-and-play components, increased Wi-Fi capability, and a tech savvy labor pool are allowing many restaurant owners to opt for self-installation and remote support. As a consequence, only 74% reported using an authorized POS vendor for programming, training, and support.

About RestaurantOwner:
With over 46,000 members since 1998, RestaurantOwner.com's mission is to change lives by educating and inspiring independent restaurant operators to create restaurant success stories. RestaurantOwner.com is committed to providing practical, proven insights, and resources to enable members to build a better restaurant, a better business, and most importantly, a better life.

Contact Brandon Weitz  brandon@meridianstarms.com at Meridian Star Future POS to learn more about RestaurantOwner.com's 2017 POS Survey Report results. www.meridianstarpos.com

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