Pizza & Delivery

Custom Pizza Shop and Delivery Software

Easy Pizza Delivery With Our POS Systems

Using Pizza Features, you'll have everything you need to run your daily operations. The software handles delivery, carryout, dine-in, bar, banquets and catering.
  • Caller ID, mapping, coupon and delivery/dispatch integration.
  • Table layouts for dine-in customers.
  • Carry-out and delivery customer database.
  • Multiple delivery zones and multiple pizza and bar price levels.

Personalized Pizza System

  • Fast order entry capabilities
  • Customized menu options
  • Seamless phone order entries
  • Delivery driver production tracking
  • Better understand your business

Fully Customizable Systems

No two pizza or delivery companies are identical. Each company has its own set of unique circumstances and challenges. With the POS systems available at Meridian Star Point of Sale, you can completely customize your systems to work for your business. 

Ensure that your customers are getting the best possible service!

Every system comes with a 15" Titan 260 flat touchscreen, cash drawer, receipt printer, kitchen printer, keyboard, mouse, router, battery backup, and surge protector. Our team of technicians is local and provides 24-hour support.

Avoid Delivery Delays

Upgrade the point of sale (POS) systems your pizza and delivery businesses use and give your customers the high-quality service they deserve. 

No longer will deliveries be delayed by fighting with your outdated POS system.

Future POS Software is the cutting edge in point of sale technology, and the experienced team at Meridian Star Point of Sale is here to give you a seamless transition. 

Call us today at 754-200-6250 for a FREE demonstration of the latest technology and to receive FREE installation and wiring of your new POS system.

Our Services Include:

  • FREE local support
  • FREE after-hours support
  • FREE 36-month warranty
  • FREE next day replacement
  • FREE on-going training
  • FREE menu configuration
  • FREE menu updates
  • FREE credit card integration
  • FREE installation
  • FREE shipping

Request A Live Demo Today

Future POS
for FREE installation of your POS system
FREE 36 month warranty with local support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
"From the very beginning, Meridian Star has been a great experience for us.They have been not only helpful but very patient with our limited computer literacy. We have been in the restaurant business for almost 9 years now and our previous POS experience was not only about twice as expensive but full of issues. We highly recommend Meridian Star."

~Richard O., via BBB
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